Skilldream enables young people in Laos to receive training according to the dual system of vocational training in Switzerland

Laos belongs to the poorer regions of the world. Thanks to its diverse nature and location on the Mekong, the country offers ideal conditions for the development of soft tourism. A condition for the economic development, however, is that Laos modernizes the school and education system. Although tourism has great potential, it can only develop this potential if enough specialists are trained and if the hotels, restaurants and travel agencies meet international standards. In addition, the know-how is needed to develop small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which in turn will strengthen the economic future far beyond tourism.

No Future without Education

But there is no future without education. Therefore, the next generation in Laos is dependent on a good education. The dual vocational training in Switzerland, with its combination of theory and practice, is a model of success that enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and across all professions. This is especially evident in the training of hotel management. Graduates of Swiss hotel and catering training courses are  high demanded worldwide.

  • Education as a chance for the future
  • Training in gastronomy and hotel business
  • Combination of theoretical training and practical work
  • The project is based on the three pillars: Active cooperation, finances, equipment